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At Stuart Barton
Physiotherapy we have access
to the finest specialists

Stuart believes in an accurate diagnosis first and foremost. However if further investigation is needed then Stuart’s team have immediate access to the finest specialists including:

Professor Gordon Mackay, one of the world’s most highly regarded sports orthopaedic sports surgeons and the inventor of the revolutionary Internal Brace. Stuart and Gordon have worked closely together since 2008 with the SRU and for clients today Stuart is able to provide accelerated rehabilitation of post-op stabilisation. To find out more about Gordon go to www.mackayclinic.co.uk

Stuart also has access to the finest imaging services with Scott McKie, for MRI, CT scan, X ray and Ultrasound scan. Diagnostic Imagery is not normally needed but it is nice to know there is such a good facility at his disposal. To find out more about Scott and the services he offers go to  www.spirehealthcare.com


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